IC 2233 - Sd sp

IC 2233

De Vaucouleurs Atlas Type: Sd sp

Filter: g

Telescope: SDSS 2.5-m
North upper right, East upper left
Field Dimensions: 5.4 x 4.0 arcminutes

RC3 Type: SB(s)d: sp
RSA Type: -----
Surface Brightness Range Displayed: 20.0-25.5 mag per square arcsec
Absolute Blue Magnitude: -18.4

De Vaucouleurs Atlas Description:

IC 2233 is a bright example of a ``superthin" disk galaxy (Goad and Roberts 1981). These galaxies have large major to minor axis ratios (9:1 to 20:1) and no discernible bulge. Gallagher and Hudson (1976) looked for a halo around IC 2233 but none was detected in their data. The lack of a bulge, and the patchiness of the disk, suggest that IC 2233 is an Sd galaxy seen on edge. Bottinelli et al. (1983) showed that the thinnest galaxies are found in this part of the Hubble sequence .