NGC 4517 - Sc sp

NGC 4517

De Vaucouleurs Atlas Type: Sc sp

Filter: B

Telescope: WIYN 3.5-m
North up , East left
Field Dimensions: 6.7 x 6.2 arcminutes

RC3 Type: SA:(s)cd sp
RSA Type: Sc
Surface Brightness Range Displayed: 19.0-26.0 mag per square arcsec
Absolute Blue Magnitude: -20.1

De Vaucouleurs Atlas Description:

NGC 4517 is obviously a very late type, because the disk is very patchy. We suspect a bright oval zone southwest of the bright star might be part of the bulge peering out of the dust layer. The planar dust is not nearly as regular or as sharp as in the other cases shown. The B-V color index map shows also that the dust patches scattered throughout the disk are mostly red, and that there are blue colors and associations around these features.