NGC 4753 - I0 or S0- pec

NGC 4753

De Vaucouleurs Atlas Type: I0 or S0- pec

Filter: V

Telescope: MDM 2.4-m
North up , East left
Field Dimensions: 4.8 x 3.6 arcminutes

RC3 Type: I0 or Pec
RSA Type: S0 pec
Surface Brightness Range Displayed: 15.9-26.0 mag per square arcsec
Absolute Blue Magnitude: -21.1

De Vaucouleurs Atlas Description:

The complex dust pattern is the reason for the pec classification in this case. The background starlight is very smooth with unusual distended outer isophotes. Without the dust features, the galaxy would probably be classified as S0-. De Vaucouleurs classified this object as I0 or Pec. It differs from other I0s such as NGC 3077 and 5253 in lacking any central star formation. The strange dust pattern was explained in terms of a minor merger by Steiman-Cameron, Kormendy, and Durisen (1992), who intepret the pattern as a disk twisted by differential precession after an accretion event.