NGC 210 - (R2')SAB(s)b

NGC 210

De Vaucouleurs Atlas Type: (R2')SAB(s)b

Filter: B

Telescope: CTIO 1.5-m
North left , East down
Field Dimensions: 6.1 x 4.5 arcminutes

RC3 Type: SAB(s)b
RSA Type: Sb(rs)I
Surface Brightness Range Displayed: 17.8-27.0 mag per square arcsec
Absolute Blue Magnitude: -20.2
Elmegreen Spiral Arm Class: AC 6

De Vaucouleurs Atlas Description:

This galaxy is similar in many ways to NGC 2935 . The central oval is a barlike feature, with weak dust structures and spiral arcs. The morphology is noteworthy for the strong R2' outer pseudoring , which has considerable complex structure, much more so than the feature seen in NGC 2935 . The B-V color index map shows weak blue arcs in the oval, but no trace of an inner ring . Thus, NGC 210 is a genuine SAB(s) galaxy. In the center of the oval, a small nuclear ring is found, but this feature shows no color contrast in the B-V color index map. A deprojected image shows that the nuclear ring is intrinsically circular.