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(Note: Temporarily, the website can be used to judge north and east.)

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NGC 24 B SA(s)c logn0024b.jpg SINGS

NGC 24 B SA(s)c logn0024b_2.jpg SINGS

NGC 24 B-I SA(s)c n0024bmi_2.jpg SINGS

NGC 337 B SAB(s)cd pec logn0337b.jpg SINGS

NGC 337 B-I SAB(s)cd pec n0337bmi.jpg SINGS

NGC 521 B SB(rs)bc logn0521b.jpg GALAZ

NGC 521 B-K SB(rs)bc n0521bks.jpg KNAPEN

NGC 584 B SA0- logn0584b.jpg SINGS

NGC 753 B SAB(s)bc logn0753b.jpg DELRIO

NGC 895 B SAB(s)c logn0895b.jpg DELRIO

NGC 986 R (R1')SB(rs)b logn0986r.jpg HAMEED

NGC 986 R-K (R1')SB(rs)b n0986rks.jpg HAMEED

NGC 1266 B SAB(s)0/a pec logn1266b.jpg SINGS

NGC 1266 I SAB(s)0/a pec logn1266i.jpg SINGS

NGC 1266 B-I SAB(s)0/a pec n1266bmi.jpg SINGS

NGC 1316 B E(shell) or S0+ pec logn1316b.jpg SINGS

NGC 1316 B E(shell) or S0+ pec logn1316b_closeup.jpg SINGS

NGC 1316 B-I E(shell) or S0+ pec n1316bmi.jpg SINGS

NGC 1316 B- E(shell) or S0+ pec n1316bmi_closeup.jpg SINGS

NGC 1317 B-I (R')SAB(rl)a n1317bmi_closeup.jpg SINGS

NGC 1482 B Sbc: pec logn1482b.jpg SINGS

NGC 1482 B-I Sbc: pec n1482bmi.jpg SINGS

NGC 1566 B (R1')SAB(s)bc logn1566b.jpg GROUCHY

NGC 1566 B-I (R1')SAB(s)bc n1566bmks.jpg KNAPEN

NGC 2798 B SAB(s)a pec + Sc: sp pec logn2798b.jpg SINGS

NGC 2798 B-I SAB(s)a pec + Sc: sp pec n2798bmi.jpg SINGS

NGC 2915 V Im/BCD? pec logn2915v.jpg SINGS

NGC 2915 V-I Im/BCD? pec n2915vmi.jpg SINGS

NGC 2950 g (R)SB(rl)0+ logn2950g.jpg SDSS

NGC 2950 g-i (R)SB(rl)0+ n2950gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 3049 B SB(rs)bc logn3049b.jpg SINGS

NGC 3049 B-I SB(rs)bc n3049bmi.jpg SINGS

NGC 3198 B SAB(rs)cd logn3198b.jpg SINGS

NGC 3265 B SA(r)0+ logn3265b.jpg SINGS

NGC 3521 B (R')SA(rs)bc logn3521b.jpg SINGS

NGC 3521 B (R')SA(rs)bc logn3521b_2.jpg SINGS

NGC 3521 B-I (R')SA(rs)bc n3521bmi_2.jpg SINGS

NGC 3729 g SB(rs)ab pec logn3729g.jpg SDSS

NGC 3729 g-i SB(rs)ab pec n3729gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 3773 B SAB:0+ pec logn3773b.jpg SINGS

NGC 3773 B-I SAB:0+ pec n3773bmi.jpg SINGS

NGC 4143 g SAB0- logn4143g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4143 g-i SAB0- n4143gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4150 g SA(r)0/a logn4150g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4150 g-i SA(r)0/a n4150gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4203 g SA(s)0o logn4203g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4203 g-i SA(s)0o n4203gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4245 g SB(r)0/a logn4245g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4245 g-i SB(r)0/a n4245gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4262 g (L)SB(r)0o logn4262g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4262 g-i (L)SB(r)0o n4262gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4267 g SAB0- logn4267g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4267 g-i SAB0- n4267gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4268 g S0+ sp logn4268g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4273 g SAB(s)c pec logn4273g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4273 g-i SAB(s)c pec n4273gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4277 g (R')SAB(rs)0/a logn4277g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4281 g SA(r)0+ logn4281g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4281 g SA(r)0+ logn4281g_2.jpg SDSS

NGC 4281 g-i SA(r)0+ n4281gmi_2.jpg SDSS

NGC 4293 g (R)SB(s)0/a logn4293g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4293 g-i (R)SB(s)0/a n4293gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4314 g (R1')SB(r'l)a logn4314g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4314 g-i (R1')SB(r'l)a n4314gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4340 g SB(r)0+ logn4340g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4340 g-i SB(r)0+ n4340gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4350 g S0- sp logn4350g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4350 g-i S0- sp n4350gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4369 g (RL)SAB(rs)a: pec logn4369g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4369 g-i (RL)SAB(rs)a: pec n4369gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4371 g SB(r)0o logn4371g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4371 g-i SB(r)0o n4371gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4382 g SAB(l)0/a pec logn4382g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4382 g-i SAB(l)0/a pec n4382gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4421 g SB(rs)0+ logn4421g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4421 g-i SB(rs)0+ n4421gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4424 g SB(s)0/a pec logn4424g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4424 g-i SB(s)0/a pec n4424gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4429 g (R:)SA(r)0+ logn4429g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4429 g-i (R:)SA(r)0+ n4429gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4435 g SB0o: or SA(r)0+ sp logn4435g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4435 g-i SB0o: or SA(r)0+ sp n4435gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4438 g Pec logn4438g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4438 g-i Pec n4438gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4457 g (R)SAB(s)a logn4457g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4457 g (R)SAB(s)a logn4457g_2.jpg SDSS

NGC 4457 g-i (R)SAB(s)a n4457gmi_2.jpg SDSS

NGC 4459 g SA(r)0+ logn4459g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4459 g-i SA(r)0+ n4459gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4474 g S0- sp logn4474g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4474 g-i S0- sp n4474gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4477 g (RL)SB0/a logn4477g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4477 g-i (RL)SB0/a n4477gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4503 g SAB(s)0+ logn4503g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4503 g-i SAB(s)0+ n4503gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4531 g SA(r)a logn4531g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4531 g-i SA(r)a n4531gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4552 B SA0- logn4552b.jpg SINGS

NGC 4559 B SAB(rs)cd logn4559b.jpg SINGS

NGC 4578 g SA0- logn4578g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4578 g-i SA0- n4578gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4612 g (R)SAB0o logn4612g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4612 g-i (R)SAB0o n4612gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4631 B SB(s)d sp or Sc sp pec logn4631b.jpg SINGS

NGC 4638 g E(d)4/S0- logn4638g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4638 g-i E(d)4/S0- n4638gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4643 g SB(rl)0/a logn4643g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4643 g-i SB(rl)0/a n4643gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4649 g E+2/SA0- logn4649g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4649 g-i E+2/SA0- n4649gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4665 g SB(s)0+ logn4665g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4665 g-i SB(s)0+ n4665gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4691 g (R':)SB(s)a pec logn4691g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4691 g-i (R':)SB(s)a pec n4691gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4694 g SA0+ pec logn4694g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4694 g-i SA0+ pec n4694gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4754 g SB0- logn4754g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4754 g-i SB0- n4754gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4795 g (R')SB(rs)a pec logn4795g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4795 g-i (R')SB(rs)a pec n4795gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 4914 g E(shell) or E+4 logn4914g.jpg SDSS

NGC 4914 g-i E(shell) or E+4 n4914gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 5033 B SA(rs)c logn5033b.jpg SINGS

NGC 5350 g SB(rs)bc logn5350g.jpg SDSS

NGC 5350 g-i SB(rs)bc n5350gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 5353-4 g E(dust lane) + SA(r)0+ sp logn5353-4g.jpg SDSS

NGC 5353-4 g-i E(dust lane) + SA(r)0+ sp n5353-4gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 5473 g SB(r)0- logn5473g.jpg SDSS

NGC 5473 g-i SB(r)0- n5473gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 5485 g E3(dust lane) logn5485g.jpg SDSS

NGC 5485 g-i E3(dust lane) n5485gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 5631 g SA(r:)0+ logn5631g.jpg SDSS

NGC 5631 g-i SA(r:)0+ n5631gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 5691 g SB(s)a pec logn5691g.jpg SDSS

NGC 5691 g-i SB(s)a pec n5691gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 5750 g SAB(r)0/a logn5750g.jpg SDSS

NGC 5750 g-i SAB(r)0/a n5750gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 5846 g SA0- logn5846g.jpg SDSS

NGC 5846 g-i E+0 n5846gmi.jpg SDSS

NGC 6764 B (R1')SB(s)b logn6764b.jpg DELRIO

NGC 6814 B SAB(rs)bc logn6814b.jpg DELRIO

IC 4710 B SB(rs)m logic4710b.jpg SINGS

DDO 53 B IB(s)m logddo053b.jpg SINGS

DDO 53 B-I IB(s)m ddo053bmi.jpg SINGS

DDO 66 B IAB(s)m logddo066b.jpg SINGS

M81dwA B Im logm81dwAb.jpg SINGS

M81dwB B Im/BCD? logm81dwBb.jpg SINGS

mrk 33 B SB0+: pec logmrk33b.jpg SINGS