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My two main special interests are amateur paleontology and visual deep-sky astronomy. The links at right connect to the kinds of things I have done in these topics.
Ronald J. Buta, Ph.D.

Pennsylvanian Footprints 1: Union Chapel Monograph

Pennsylvanian Footprints 2: Footprints in Stone: Tracking Ancient Life in Alabama (coauthored with David C. Kopaska-Merkel)

Pennsylvanian Footprints 3a: Crescent Valley Surface Coal Mine (photographic website)

Pennsylvanian Footprints 3b: Crescent Valley Surface Coal Mine (interactive website)

Pennsylvanian Footprints 3c: "Ichnology and Stratigraphy of the Crescent Valley Mine: Evidence for a Carboniferous Megatracksite in Walker County, Alabama," New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, Vol. 60, pp. 42-56, 2013

Visual Astronomy

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