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Ronald J. Buta, Ph.D.

Former students and their research topics:

Dr. Patrick M. Treuthardt, PhD, 2007 The Kinematics and Dynamics of Three Resonance Ring Galaxies (currently a postdoc at the University of Arkansas, AGES Project)

Dr. Rebecca D. Grouchy, PhD, 2008 Properties of Nonbarred Ringed Galaxies (postdoc, Paris Observatory, beginning September 2009)

Dr. Adriana Durbala, PhD 2009 Galaxies in Extreme Environments: Isolated Galaxies vs. Compact Groups (as co-supervisor; main supervisor was Dr. Jack W. Sulentic; currently Dr. Durbala is a faculty member, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point)

Sergiy Vasylyev, MS, 2005 - The Distribution of Bar and Spiral Arm Strengths in Disk Galaxies

Dr. Jin He, PhD, 2005 - A Re-examination of Galaxy Patterns

Dr. Guy B. Purcell, PhD, 1998 - Properties of "Milky Way Galaxies" (Cendant Corporation, California)

James P. Scott, III, MS, 1996 - A Study of the Leading Arm Spiral Galaxy NGC 4622

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